Industry Applications

With Visual Net, organizations are able to deploy custom analytic solutions to drive revenue growth and/or reduce costs in just 4-8 weeks. Visual Net very practically allows consumers to view, interact and investigate key business issues, thus enabling them to gain better insight and make better business decisions.

Departments throughout the organization can use Visual Net to visually analyze a number of issues:


  • Which are my most and least profitable products/customers/channels and why?
  • How is our cost structure evolving? How does it compare to plan? What are the key drivers of our cost structure?
  • Are we best utilizing our assets?
  • How are our operations or business units performing? What are the key issues?
  • What programs / projects / departments are over budget and why?
  • …and more


  • Which suppliers are performing well and which are under performing?
  • What opportunities do I have to reduce off-contract or maverick purchases?
  • Where are we spending our overall procurement dollars?
  • What opportunities exist to reduce procurement costs?
  • …and more


  • Which are my most and least profitable products/customers/channels and why?
  • What opportunities exist in my install base to increase share of wallet and/or reduce the costs to serve those customers?
  • What customers may be at risk of defecting?
  • How does our production compare against forecasted or actual demand?
  • …and more


  • Where and how much margin is leaking from the supply chain? Why?
  • What opportunities do we have to reduce costs?
  • Where do we have excess inventory? What is driving it?
  • Where do we have inventory shortages? What is driving it?
  • …and more