Government Applications

Government organizations are collecting more information than ever. At the same time, they are under increasing pressure to trim budgets and improve service quality to their constituents. Federal and State government organizations can use Visual Net to help them achieve these objectives with applications such as:

  • Budget Management – measure agencies/initiatives to identify areas of budget (or potential budget) overruns. Enable the user to see all relevant information with the ability to drill down into relevant details.
  • Financial Control Enforcement – allow investigators to identify areas of unusual activity and draw attention to potentially high-risk activities.
  • Project Management – to allow an agency to review financial and scheduling information on all projects, as they relate to the overall budget, with the ability to identify regions, departments, locations, projects, managers, tasks and sub tasks that are over budget or past due.
  • Procurement Analysis – to enable the identification of areas where procurement officers are exceeding project, agency or individual procurement budgets.
  • Asset management – allow managers to see where assets physically exist grouping them by type, region or age so the closest available part can be requested or transferred.
  • Searching – allow researchers to browse through massive amounts of information to find specific, relevant information.